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An amazing experience with One Way Moving Truck Rental

June 3, 2008 · Print This Article

Recently me, my wife and my son needed a reliable way to move all of our worn, yet running, appliances. We had a dish-washer, an oven, and a washer and dryer duo. We needed a truck big enough to meet our needs, but affordable. We looked in the phone book, and saw ‘”One Way Moving Truck Rental.” They looked presentable and we were in severe, short notice service. We need to move in two days time, and had yet to land a truck to help move out all of our items. The short notice was in no way a problem. The truck was easy to pick up. The paperwork was minimal. But, I feel, the most important part was not having to deal with driving our rented truck back to the rental office where we received it. I am very pleased with the level of customer service and condition of the truck, and will indeed use the service again.

~ Jaden

My family and I recently rented a one way moving truck rental for a move from Maine to North Carolina. It was a long trip, and we didn’t want to have to bring the truck back to where we originally got it. Instead, a one way moving truck rental allowed us to rent the truck in one place and return it when we arrived at our new home. It was simple, affordable and effective for our move. I am very happy with everything that we got with the truck, including the basic insurance for our things as well as the truck. In the end, I think that my children and I will use a one way moving truck rental the next time that we decide to move. If you are considering relocation anywhere that is far away, think about one of these vehicles. Not only will you have the space to move all of your things in the truck, but you will easily stay in control of a very easy to handle move.

~ Katy


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