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Cheap Truck Rental: Five Tips for Moving with Teenagers

March 17, 2009 · Print This Article

Moving with teens can be a trying experience. There are already plenty of things for you to be concerned with when you are relocating, but if you add moving with teens into the mix, you have to worry about so much more. Teenagers live by their routines, and they are just starting to get out and do things on their own. At the same time, they take comfort in interactions with the same people each day. Thus, it is easy to see why moving can be so scary for them. In order to make this process a little bit simpler, here are a few tips.


It is important that you get your teenagers involved in the move. They should be designated their own tasks to accomplish throughout the move. These tasks can be as simple as packing their own room and loading their own things into the moving truck rental. You might also want to have them stand in as the person who stands in the back of the cheap moving truck to organize things as they are loaded.


It is important to plan your teen’s new room with them to give them something to look forward to at the new home. This can help them get over the big change that is coming down the road pretty quickly. Moving with teens day is going to be a huge upheaval for any teenager, but if they have something that they know they will have control of, they will not be quite as worried. Try to allow them their own choice of arrangement as well as décor in this process.

Good Byes

Saying goodbye to current friends and teachers who are involved in your teens’ daily life is important. There should always be some kind of closure, but at the same time you should give your teen the medium to collect contact information so that they can maintain connections with old friends while they make new. This simple step can really help make the moving with teens process much less stressful, especially with a cheap truck rental.

Communication and Trust

Communicating with your teenager might be difficult on good days, and as a move gets closer, it may become even more difficult. It is important that you tell your teen about the move as soon as you know about it yourself. You should also allow them time to express their own panic, hurt, or fear, without having to be reprimanded. This letting out of the feelings can go a long way to harnessing the stress and fears that a teen might have during a move with a cheap truck rental.


Finally, as you are seeking the perfect home, perfect moving company, or perfect anything else, try taking your teenager’s opinions into account. While some ideas that they might have could be totally impossible, other ideas might end up working better and more efficiently than your own, especially when using a cheap truck rental. Taking their thoughts into consideration will also show them that they have an important place in the family, as well as in the move. In the end, if they know that they are indeed important to the process, they are less likely to fight it, thus reducing moving time stress.


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