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Ten Things not to Pack

July 16, 2009 · Print This Article

Packing and preparing for moving is never a simple task. There are so many things that you need to remember when packing, it can be difficult to realize that there are things that you have to remember not to take when packing, no matter if you choose to use a moving truck rental or a moving company. If you are already overwhelmed by the tasks associated with getting a home loan and working with a real estate agency. You are probably going to welcome the any help you can get. Many moving companies will give you a list, but some will not. When you are responsible for packing and moving your own things, you need to be well aware of these items, for both your own safety as well as the safety of the truck. Here are ten common things that you cannot pack, as they may be hazardous or illegal.

1. Dish Soap – Did you know that this soap can be hazardous when mixed with other chemicals or substances in temperatures that are easily obtained in the back of a cheap moving truck? Make sure that you avoid packing your soap, and simply purchase a new bottle when you arrive at your destination.

2. Cleaners – Much like dish soap, they can give off fumes or even cause fire in the back of the vehicle. Remember, temperatures back there can rise well over 100 degrees in a very short period of time, causing some chemicals to turn into harmful and even fatal gasses.

3. Paints – Most household paint is not safe to breathe and is considered toxic anyways. There are special disposal rules that one must follow when getting rid of such items. Because they are hazardous, it is illegal to transport them in a cheap truck rental.

4. Lighter Fluids and Paint Thinners – Acidic chemicals and highly flammable substances should never be transported in the back of a truck, where high temperatures can cause them to combust and burn.

5. Batteries – Car batteries, as well as smaller equivalents, do not transport well in the back of a hot truck. These items can leak, causing injury and burns, as well as becoming a big fire hazard throughout the trip. Remember this when packing.

6. Fertilizer – Another highly flammable substance, fertilizer should never be kept in hot conditions, especially over the course of a long trip. Make sure that you do not load your gardening chemicals in the back of the truck when packing.

7. Fireworks – This should be a no brainer, as these items are just pure explosives. You can become seriously injured and cause fire by packing these in the back of a moving truck.

8. Ammunition – Another no brainer here. Not only is this a dangerous item to move, but the heat in the rear of the truck can make it deadly. Make sure that such items are only transported in a cool and air conditioned car, and that they are kept separated from any firearms that you may also be moving with.

9. Lighters and matches – Such items are made to be flammable, and the heat that builds up in the back of a truck can cause explosions or fire throughout a long trip. Make sure that these items do not find their way into your moving boxes.

10. Automotive fluids – Many automotive fluids are corrosive, flammable, or hazardous. It is important, to avoid fire and leakage, that you do not include these in the things that you are moving with your cheap moving truck.


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