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Five Amazing Small Towns to Consider Moving To

October 31, 2011 · Print This Article

America is known for many things; fast cars, amazing technological advances, great personal freedoms, and really cool small towns. If you are considering a move with a moving truck rental in the near future, then it might behoove you to look into the small town life that you can only find in a few, out of the way, areas spread throughout the country. Not only do these little towns offer something special for those who make their homes in the area, but they remain relatively untouched by the rush and hustle of modern life. Even if you have to work in the city, think about living the rest of your life in one of these amazing small towns.

  1. Lexington, Virginia – Lexington only has a population of about seven thousand people, but what it lacks in people, it more than makes up for in history. Most people claim that this area is not unlike a Normal Rockwell painting. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, this 19th century hamlet is one place where history lives even today.
  1. Cayucos, California – If you want to visit this little coastal town, you will have to make a serious detour. This simple fact has helped this small town remain untouched and small, just the way that the residents there like it. While it is quiet and calm most of the time, residents love the waves and the food of the area, both of which are famous; at least in California.
  1. Wallace, Idaho – With a population of only one thousand, and buildings that are well over a hundred years old, this sleepy town in the mid-west is perfect for anyone who wants to see what life was like in the old west. Perhaps the biggest claim to fame that this little town has is the fact that all of their buildings, including a brothel that was open until 1988, are listed on the federal register of historical places.
  1. Mount Vernon, Iowa – If you love art, then this little town is the place for you. With a population of less than five thousand people, Mount Vernon is an artist’s dream. Here, art is never confined to a canvas. In addition to the Iowa sidewalk chalk festival held each year,  grand masterpieces can be see almost everywhere; even on the side of a barn as visitors enter the town.
  1. Rockland, Maine – If you are looking for sophistication after moving with a cheap truck rental, along with the quietness and neighborly feelings of a small town life, then Rockland might just be the perfect place. With all the charm that a small New England town is known for, along with high class businesses and homes, this little town is perfect for both visitors and residents alike.

Moving is never easy, but it can be fun when you are looking forward to the place where you are moving to. Not everyone gets a choice, but when you do, make sure that you consider one of these small towns for your next home.


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