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Getting Rid of Clutter and Cheap Self Storage

November 4, 2011 · Print This Article

Getting rid of clutter is a challenge for people all over the United States. Having too much stuff but too little space is a common dilemma.  Downsizing and organizing are some of the short-term solutions.  Probably the quickest and most efficient solution is to look into cheap storage options.

About 86% of the world’s consumer-facing storage services can be found in the United States. According to the Self Storage Association, there are about 58,000 storage facilities located worldwide. And 50,000 of those are located in the U.S., which means we have the largest need for self storage in the world. Ten percent of Americans lease at least one storage unit. Many of these units are permanent homes for about 100 to 2500 cubic feet of household possessions. If you, like so many Americans, are in need of self storage, you should take the time to perform a thorough amount of research in order to find the most reasonably priced storage contract for your needs.

First of all, figure out what you really need.  Storage space prices differ based on amenities, location, and size offered by particular facilities. To help you make a decision on what storage costs are acceptable to you, it is imperative to create a list of what you would like from the additional storage space. Do you want indoor or outdoor storage? Would you like climate control? Is it your preference to find a unit that is conveniently located to your business or home? Answer these questions to help you eliminate self storage options that do not meet your needs.

Secondly, make your mind up on the amount of space you will need. You need this pertinent information for you to make a price comparison among different facilities.  After you have decided on the actual amount of space you really need, assess your possessions and try to distinguish if there is anything you can put up for sale or give away.

Thirdly, start looking for the most reasonable deal. and SpareFoot are online aggregators that can tie into storage service management software and offer information on amenities and pricing at each self storage facility. These sites can serve as your guide while you search for features you want like strong security, drive-up units, around the clock access, a free moving truck, and climate control. You can then sort each facility by cost to find the most affordable self storage unit with the features and location you desire.

Lastly, determine the actual savings of short-term promotions. A lot of storage facilities will offer a discounted rate for 3-6 months, a discounted rate for a contract of a year or more, or a free first month of access to a storage unit. Take into consideration the length of time you plan on leasing the unit.  This will help you make your mind up on which promotions will save you the most money in the long run.

Self-storage should be one of the last alternatives you use to organize your home. As you evaluate costs, remember that you may need to store your items for longer than you intend to. So, you may want to look for longer-term contracts that have lower monthly rates. As previously mentioned, thoroughly researching your storage needs will help you find the best unit for your possessions. You don’t want to end up paying more for a storage unit than necessary.


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