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Loading a Rental Moving Truck: An Expert’s Guide

March 7, 2010 · Print This Article

Today, many people are choosing to move with a moving truck rental rather than hiring a moving company to handle their moving needs. The hiring of a truck rental rather than a company gives a person more freedom when it comes to the move, but it also requires more work. Loading a moving truck is one of the most difficult tasks, as you want to pack as much as you can into as small a space as possible. Here are some helpful tips from moving experts to help you do just that. Remember, if you can pack things into a smaller truck, you can save money on the overall moving process.

  1. The first thing that you should do when loading a moving truck is put in the boxes. The rear of the truck is flat and you should build walls as you move forward. While some people say that you should load the heavy things first, it is much better for space efficiency if you load boxes and strap them down as you go. Each ‘wall’ of boxes will reduce the size of the truck, but leave a wide open space for things that will take up room or an odd area.
  2. Evenly distribute the heavy things on either side when loading a moving truck. Appliances are the biggest thing to worry about, and it is important to keep them on both sides of the truck in order to reduce the chance of tipping over while you are driving the truck. Load things against the walls in order to use the space that you have left efficiently.
  3. Slide pictures and mirrors between walls and mattresses in order to protect them. While you should still wrap such delicate things, you can give them maximum protection from shifting by doing this. It also allows you to use the space that you have left more efficiently, and it will keep them from having things stacked on top of them.
  4. Load couches and other long items on end to make the best use of the height of the truck. This also prevents things from being loaded on top of these items, preventing damage that might occur to them when boxes or other heavy things are placed on top of them for the duration of the trip. Keep this in mind when loading a moving truck.
  5. Take apart tables or stack things under them. This is another way to use space efficiently so that you load something into every corner that is open. Usually, it is best to take such furniture apart to reduce the chance of damage, but these things can also be wrapped and placed carefully into a corner of the truck.
  6. Use shelves on bookshelves and other furniture to place fragile boxes that cannot be stacked with the other items. This will prevent these boxes from being damaged, and it will keep your space efficiency at its max. This is a great place to put any plants you are moving with as well.
  7. Strap everything down as you go when loading a moving truck. There are straps and hooks on the walls of the truck and you should put them to good use as you load. Strapping things in sections will provide much more stability than if you were to simply strap it all down at the end. Keep this in mind as you go.

There is no exact science to loading a moving truck rental, but these tips can help you get started when you are moving yourself. Keep this list handy for when you are loading your own moving truck, and always remember that safety comes first.


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