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How to Move Computers and Electronics Safely

February 27, 2011 · Print This Article

Most homes are full of electronics and computers these days. All of these things are quite common, but they are also delicate and easily breakable. Thus, when you are facing the need to move to a new home and you need to start moving computers, figuring out how to pack and protect these things is something that should be near the top of your checklist. Remember, moving is a chaotic time and not everything is going to be handled the way that you might want it to be. As such, keep the following things in mind so that you can transport your delicate items in a manner that will get them to your new home without any damage.

Pack Correctly

The first line of defense against damage when you are moving computers is the packing of the items that you need to move. First, it is a good idea to pack things in boxes that you originally purchased them in. This is usually possible for peripherals such as monitors and even printers. The tower to your computer might be bit more difficult, however. Towers can come in so many different sizes and can often be modified or hand built. As such, always look for a box that is large enough for the item plus any packing paper, peanuts, bubble wrap, and other protective packing supplies that might be required when moving computers. Be sure to make use of anti-static bags as well to protect circuit boards and other items that are sensitive to static electricity.

Choose the Best Moving Method

With all the different methods of moving out there today, you need to make a choice that will benefit your household goods and your family. If you are really worried about the transport of your things, then opting for the cheaper method, a moving truck rental is the best way to go. When you are moving computers, you need to retain control of how the boxes are handled throughout the process. Opting for a moving company will not give you this freedom, but having a truck rental will. Not only will you be able to handle the actual placement and handling of the boxes, but you will be able to keep an eye on the truck throughout the moving process as well.

Get Insurance

One of the best things that you can do when you are moving computers is to get enough insurance to cover the loss or damage of the computers that you need to relocate. There are many different places that you can get moving insurance from, but you should start with a company that you already work with. Sometimes, your homeowner’s insurance company or even your auto insurance company will be able to help you locate and secure a policy that will cover your household items while they are being packed and transported to a new home. In the end, this simple step can save you tons of money. Remember, accidents happen, so keep these things in mind and get the right policy before you move to keep all of your things safe.


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