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Moving Methods – Visual Comparison

May 8, 2011 · Print This Article

For people who have to move, choosing the right method of moving might be the most difficult part of a move. It is important to compare the three main types of moving; full service, portable storage, and self service moves. From pricing to services included, be sure to think about your abilities, financial, physical, and time wise, before you choose the one for you. The following chart compares these three main methods, allowing you to get a good idea of which might be best for you.

  Full Service Movers Portable Storage Truck Rentals
Costs (You have to Pay For)
Labor (Professional Movers) X    
Transport/Driving X X  
Packing Supplies X X  
Truck or Container X X X
Insurance X X X
Overall Costs High Mid Range Low
Tasks (You are Responsible For)
Packing   X X
Loading   X X
Driving     X
Unloading   X X
Moving Concerns (Highest Scoring Options)
Full Control of Logistics     X
Lowest Overall Costs     X
Easy Storage Options   X X
Best Service Options X    
Simplicity of Use   X
Fastest to Complete X    
Does the Driving for You X X  
Ease of Reservation     X
Flexibility     X
Required Lead Time Months Months Weeks
Added Benefits
Insurance Included X    
Flat Rate Prices     X
No Dealing with ‘Movers’   X X
Use Your Own Packing Supplies   X X
Least Intrusive to Daily Life     X
Kid and Pet Friendly   X X


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