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Moving Out: Truck Rental and Drywall

February 24, 2009 · Print This Article

Moving out is a long and complex string of tasks that need to be completed by a certain date. To do this, you need to plan ahead and organize yourself so that everything is taken care of. Many people forget things sometimes, and one of the most common things that people forget about when moving is taking care of the place that they are leaving before someone else moves in. This is an important step that allows you to make sure that you remember to remove everything, and it also allows you to leave the home in good condition for the next owners, as you would want for the place that you are taking your truck rental to. When you are planning your move, you should always schedule time to clean up and repair the place you are moving from, no matter if you are using a moving company or a cheap truck rental that you have found.


Moving out is bound to be a big day with plenty of things going on. There are lots of things that need to be moved from one place to another, and you should be ready to deal with large items that might cause undue damage to your home. You are already going to have to plan to fill any holes in the wall and paint to remove dirt and stains, but you can protect door frames, corners, and banisters with padding to prevent more damage from occurring on moving out day. This is important, especially if you plan on relocating with a moving truck rental or a van rental where you will be loading your things on your own.

Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out

There are bound to be little things that are going to be left behind after the truck rental is loaded and ready to go when moving out. These things are generally trash or items that are not going to be moved. Be sure that you do not leave these things for the next people that are going to move in. Instead, take a few minutes to carry them out to the trash. Also, make sure to clean the carpets, bathrooms, and kitchen appliances. This can go a long way to making the place look in good condition, which is the goal especially if you are going to be selling the home.

Locking Up

Always remember to do a final walkthrough before you lock up for the last time when leaving. This last walk around the home can help you find things that you might have forgotten to get along the way. If you are selling the home, make sure to leave important notes on the kitchen counter. If you have already sold the home, consider placing a note to the new owners here instead. No matter what the situation is, leaving a home in good condition when you go should always be one of the major tasks associated with your moving checklist for relocation with a truck rental, and something that should never be skipped.


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