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Moving With Pets

September 23, 2008 · Print This Article

Animals are a very important part of our daily lives. We love our animals and we want them to be around us for a long time. We strive to keep them happy and healthy and we never want bad things to happen to them. When you are moving, this can simply add more stress to your life, especially if you want easy moving. Moving pets is not easy, and there are many preparations that you need to make in order to get through your move with your sanity intact. The moving truck rental experts have put together some helpful tips to help you do just this.

Get Ready…

As soon as you know you are going to move, you need to start getting organized. If you have furry friends, this includes getting them checked out by a veterinarian. Every pet needs to have a check up before you transport them to another place. They need to have all of their shots and you need to get a copy of their records so that you can take them to a new veterinarian when you reach your destination.

Make sure that you pack a special box to carry with you at all times when moving pets. Include things like food and water bowls, leashes, favorite toys, and other needed items in this box. Pack the box ahead of time so that you are sure that nothing is missing. Make sure to pack the animals records with you as well in case you need them at some point in your journey when moving pets.

Get Set…

On the day of the move, make sure to confine your dog or cat to an empty room with only a few favorite things. Always provide food and water unless you plan on transporting your animal by plane. Keep the door to this room closed so that the smells of the movers and other helpers do not stress your pet out. Make sure to label the door so that no one tries to go in there.

Remember that pets can turn aggressive out of fear. It is best to keep your pet totally confined until the last possible moment. Consider placing them in a crate early so that you do not need to fight with them when it is finally time to go. Go over the things in your household animal box once more to make sure that you did not leave anything out when moving pets.


Remember to never plan on moving pets in a moving van or truck rental. These places can get very hot and prove fatal for most animals. Give your animal ample time to adjust to the new things around them. Make sure to provide the same schedule as much as you can while the move is occurring. This will help keep your pet under control.

Moving pets is possible. Don’t leave them behind because it will be difficult. Your pets are counting on you to provide them with a stable, forever home. A move is no reason to give them away.


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