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My Experience With a One Way Moving Truck Rental

June 8, 2008 · Print This Article

My experience using a one way cheap truck rental company was very positive. I was only moving a few miles from a house to an apartment. I did not think I would have too much to move and so could just have friends help me but as I started packing and assessing the size of the furniture I wanted to move, a truck rental company began to appeal to me. I checked out a number of one way moving truck rental companies and settled on one that was reasonable priced and could accomplish the task in my time frame. I was greatly impressed by the one way moving truck rental company I chose.

The movers called me about 2 hours before they arrived just to let me know they were on the way so I could make final preparations. They were prompt and the persons who arrived were very pleasant. The truck was very clean. This was important to me since I have some very special pieces. The one way moving truck rental was dedicated to my items so I would not have to worry about my things getting mixed with someone else’s. I watched while they loaded my items. They took very special care to wrap everything that was fragile. They even packed the boxes in the order I asked so they could be taken out in the order I wanted. They were responsive to the needs of me and my family.

When the one way moving truck rental was full I accompanied them to the new place in my car. They waited until I had parked and approached before they unlocked the truck and started to remove the items. Unfortunately I was moving to an apartment on the second floor with no elevator. I could not believe how patient they were. They had to take many trips, and it was rather warm out, yet they were pleasant to the end. These people and their company made my move easy and pleasant. They made a difficult move easy and showed me that one way moving truck rental companies are made up of people who can be very kind and helpful.


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