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Self-Storage, Friend’s Truck, or One Way Moving Truck Rental: Take your Pick

June 2, 2008 · Print This Article

There I was, standing in the middle of my studio apartment filled to the ceiling with box upon box of my and my children’s personal junk. Too many times I passed a self-storage warehouse and brushed it off in my mind. “You don’t need it!” my wallet would scream, and it was right, I didn’t need it– not for THAT price. I had checked into the option at one point in the not so far off past, but the number that I expected was nowhere close to the actual prices. But moving, by definition, is a pain in the butt. If you’ve ever wanted to test somebody’s patience, just ask them to help move your mattress down three flights of stairs (if you wanted them to leave, you would’ve said *up*stairs). Was saving my car from a few scratches and my back from a few aches really worth paying $75 a month for a self-storage space? No. No was the answer I was content with. My moving savior snuck up on my one day when I was stuck in traffic and I noticed these magical words: “One Way Moving Truck Rental“. Yah, it may not sound like anything special to you but to me these words spelled the end of my moving nightmare. It was the moving truck rental that would save me ultimately. A moving truck rental that would make things final once and for all. For a significantly lower fee than any self-storage place has ever offered, I was able to rent a nice moving truck rental to move all my junk in one big, far less painless move. Yah, it may not save my back, but it certainly saved me money, AND I didn’t have to get fingerprinted and fill out 900 forms like a self-storage place ‘requires’. I’m glad to have realized that a moving truck rental was what I needed, so glad that my wallet doesn’t scream anymore when I pass those other places. Now it only screams at the car dealership across the street.


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