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Simple Tips for Hassle Free Moving Truck Rental

June 5, 2008 · Print This Article

In today’s world, some people don’t have the time or money to deal with having a professional moving company deal with their moving needs. The widely available alternative to this is your own hassle freeĀ  moving truck rental. A hassle free moving truck rental allows you the flexibility to move on your own schedule without the need to worry about someone else handling – and possibly breaking – your belongings while loading them or unloading them.

However, you still need to be diligent in looking for a hassle free moving truck rental, as there are some things you may need to look for beforehand, else your hassle free moving truck rental may turn into a crazy nightmare. First off, ensure that your truck has all of its mechanical components working, including the air ride and rear loading devices, if applicable. Many stores that rent trucks fail to do many general maintenance checks between rentals, so you as the customer need to be diligent about this.

Secondly, ensure that the truck you rent has unlimited mileage, in case you need to make multiple trips from your old place to your destination. Extra miles above the daily limit for some rentals can be excessively expensive.

Finally, ensure that the moving truck rental has some insurance included with the rental, because if something happens with the truck while it is in your possession, you may have to pay for the repairs if there’s no extra insurance. If you follow these three tips, you can have an awesome and hassle free moving truck rental experience and ensure that your possessions make it from place to place on your own time, and saving you some money in the process.

No matter where you are taking your family, or what state you choose to call your home, it is important to remove as much stress from the process as possible. In the end, the work that you do will be well worth the time it took to complete it.


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