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Ten Things you Never Knew about Cheap Truck Rental

June 29, 2009 · Print This Article

Perhaps you are moving because of a job, or maybe you simply need a new view. No matter what the reason is, it is important to save money and reduce the stress of the process. Cheap truck rental can do just that, but you may not know everything about them. Remember, every bit of extra information can be of help, especially in this financial mess. Thus, the Cheap Moving Truck Professionals have created this list, outlining ten things that you probably never realized about these services.

1.    Cheap doesn’t mean low quality. When searching for a cheap moving truck, you do not need to sacrifice quality for price. Instead, use coupons, online deals, and other methods for finding low cost trucks to rent.

2.    Versatility. Cheap truck rentals can be quite versatile, and they can be used to move both large and small things over short or long distances. As such, you need to be aware of your choices before you choose one to rent.

3.    They are not hard to find. A little bit of research into how to save money on a truck rental is all you need in order to find a cheap one to fulfill all of your needs.

4.    You can use it on your schedule. Building your moving schedule around a company is never fun. Instead, consider a cheap truck rental and how you can have it for as long as you need it. Instead of working around someone else, have them work around you.

5.    They are bigger than they look. Some moving trucks might seem small on the outside, but they are completely hollow. If you learn how to pack it before you begin, then you will be quite surprised at everything that you can fit into it.

6.    Trucks are cheaper at certain times of the year. This is so true. Just like all other businesses, there are peak and down times for the moving business. If you make sure to rent during this time of the year, you are likely to get a great deal on your cheap truck rental.

7.    You can pick one up and drop it off in different places. A cheap truck rental is the best and cheapest way to move over long distances, and you do not have to worry about returning the truck to the place where you rented it originally.

8.    They are cheaper than you thought. Because you do not have to adhere to materials guidelines that many companies require, you can save tons of money on packing supplies and the padding or cushioning that you put around fragile things. In the end, this alone can save you hundreds of dollars.

9.    They come with insurance. While it may not be enough to cover the total loss of your goods, it is generally free. Isn’t it nice to get something free with a cheap truck rental? Yes, it makes the deal even sweeter.

10.    They are easy to drive. Because these moving truck rentals are not huge, they are not that big of a pain to drive.  If you think you need practice, you can always drive it around in an empty parking lot first, but you will probably be surprised at how simple it will be.


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