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The Five Cheapest US Cities to Call Home

August 26, 2011 · Print This Article

At a time when everyone is looking to save money especially when moving, finding the cheapest place to live ranks high on the to-do list. There are plenty of places in the United States where you can save some money, but these top five destinations really keep your wallet fat. Considering a move to a cheaper city? Look at these options and then call the moving truck rental company and reserve your method of relocation.

    1. Sherman, Texas: The city of Sherman, located a mere sixty miles north of the massive city of Dallas, is home to over one hundred thousand people. Many of the streets look as if they were taken right from the Midwest. With the median income level of only forty five thousand a year, it is no wonder that this is one of the cheapest places to live. With an on average apartment rental going for less than six hundred dollars, this truly is an affordable place to call home.
    2. Springfield, Illinois: This city, also the capital of the state, has multiple claims to fame that the much larger, and better known city of Chicago doesn’t. First, it is the capital, secondly, it was the longtime home of President Abraham Lincoln, and third, it is one of the most affordable places in the country to live. With average rentals going for only $550 dollars a month, it is easy to see how this city made the list.
    3. Waco, Texas: The median income level for the city of Waco is only forty thousand dollars, which is one reason that it made it to the most affordable cities to live in list. Because of its location, Waco provides big city living at a little city price. With average rentals going for around eight hundred dollars, and boasting a college educated population, this city is not only affordable, but is a great place to call home.
    4. Fayetteville, Arkansas: Perhaps the biggest aspect that put this little city on this list is the fact that utility costs and food fall far below the average for the country. Apartment rentals run around five hundred and fifty dollars as well, making Fayetteville one of the most affordable of all cities on this list. With an average median income of only forty five thousand a year, and a metro population of over four hundred thousand, it is easy to see why this is another great place to live.
    5. Springfield, Missouri:  The number one cheapest city to live in within the boundaries of the United States is the city of Springfield again, but this time in the state of Missouri. With an average income of forty one thousand a year, this city is the third largest city in the state. Food prices and utilities remain well below that of the national average, and home prices also come in below what you might expect of such a metropolitan area.

Finding the home or city of your dreams is no longer difficult. With the right truck rental, you can be on your way to a new home and a much more affordable cost of living.


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