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Moving Boxes: The Importance of Open Me First Boxes

September 15, 2008 · Print This Article

Moving is hectic, and many things can get lost quickly. Chances are, when you arrive at your new home, you are going to be exhausted. It is not easy to drive a moving truck rental for any distance, and the longer your drive was, the harder it will be for you to get up and start unloading as soon as you reach your destination. This is why it is recommended that you pack at least one open me first box.

What is it?

An open me first box is one of many moving boxes is simply the first box that you will unpack. Depending on the size of your home, there may be a need to have more than one of these boxes. For big families, you may want to assign each person one of these moving boxes. They will include things that cannot be lived without once you reach your new home, or things that you must have to function. When these containers are fully packed, make sure that they are labeled clearly and they are loaded last. You want these moving boxes to be the very first things that you unload from the truck rental when you arrive at your new home.

Things to Include

Each person and family will have a different opinion on what things should go into the open first moving boxes. If you have assigned each family member a box, let them choose what to put in theirs, but make sure that they each include at least two or three changes of clothes. There is no way to tell when the rest of the clothing will be unloaded or unpacked. Some other very important things that you can include are:

· Paper supplies – Paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, plastic utensils, and paper cups will all enable you to get your life back to a normal state as quickly as possible. Having each of these on hand will allow you to eat, clean, and live in your new home from the very moment that you get there.

· Coffee pot, tea pot, or pitcher along with the appropriate drink mix. Depending on your needs and tastes, having these things packed in the open me first box will enable you to have a great first morning in your new home as well as providing some semblance of normality to your destination.

· Common tools, paper and pens, pots or pans, dishcloths, and dish soap. These items will allow you to get right into things. You will be able to assemble things without having to wait on the tools box to be unloaded. You can start cooking some stuff on the stove, and you will be able to clean the dishes that you do make. The pen and paper will allow you to keep the kids busy or help you keep track of things.

· Medications and personal hygiene items. These things are vital to daily life, especially if you plan on working with any other people. Make sure that you have enough medication to last until you have a chance to establish yourself with a new doctor.

Now you can see why having an open me first box among your moving boxes is so important. Just remember, when packing these boxes make sure to keep them separate from any other boxes, especially if you have any help loading, unloading or packing your things. This will prevent them, and their very important contents, from becoming lost.


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