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Truck Rental Driving Tips

October 17, 2008 · Print This Article

Driving a moving truck rental does not mean that you need to go out and get a commercial driving permit. Those permits are usually required to international car rental services, for instance that popular dublin car hire shop. It will require that you learn how to handle a large vehicle, however. There are some situations that can pose a significant risk to those who are not used to driving these large vehicles. These situations include backing up, turning, and driving on bridges or narrow roadways. Knowing what to do and getting prepared for the drive will take alot of stress away when its time to actually drive. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are going to be driving a truck rental.

Test Driving

Before you leave the companies property, get used to the truck. Make sure to find out the location of any controls, switches, or important items such as flares or safety triangles. When you feel confident that you are aware of everything important, take the truck around the parking lot, or a nearby empty one, to get a feel for the truck and its handling. This will go a long way in getting you used to the idea of driving a truck.

Looking Out

A moving truck rental is a lot bigger than the vehicles that most people are used to driving. These trucks are not only wider, but taller as well. You need to keep a sharp eye on what is around you when you rent a truck. There are many low lying branches, bridges, or poles that could pose a problem for you and your truck. You need to be aware of how tall your truck is and how short the things around you are. You might even want to bring a friend along to keep an eye out for things that you might run into while driving.

Getting Ready to Drive

Driving a discount truck rental is not easy, and it is likely to take you a while as well. Driving your car over a long distance is a difficult task, but driving an unfamiliar vehicle over a long distance can be really difficult for you. Make sure to plan ahead and take precautions before you get into the drivers seat. That means that you need to make sure to get a good night’s sleep before you leave on the trip. You also need to practice backing up and set up a timetable for the move. taking all of these steps can help you save time and stress while you are actually on the road driving.

There are a few things that you need to pack with you in order to be totally ready to drive. Keep this small box of items with you in the cab of the truck so that you don’t have to stop to find them along the way. Include items like sunglasses, important documents pertaining to driving the truck or insurance coverage, medication, extra cash, a cellular phone, and a first aid kit. All of these items are important to the safety of you and your items as you drive to your new home.

Other Thoughts

For longer trips, it may be a good idea to keep a log of when you left and how long you drove. In the event that you do get into an accident, this information can help you prove that you were not tired or distracted. Make sure that you do know the emergency procedures for your truck before you get on the road. Have any emergency numbers available and keep water on hand in case you break down and have to wait for a tow truck to show up.

Following these simple tips can help you avoid problems when you are moving with a truck rental. Driving one of these big vehicles is not always easy, so it is important to take the right precautions before you get on the road.


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