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Truck Rental Options for Different Moves

October 29, 2008 · Print This Article

The term ‘relocation’ is used to mean many different types of moves. This can be a move that is simply within the same town, or a move that is across the country. Moving within your current area can be a lot easier than moving to a new state, but both types of moves come with some very important choices that must be made before the move can be completed. There are many truck rental options available. These choices will dictate how easy and smoothly your move ends up going.

Choosing the Truck

Most moving truck rental companies will allow you to choose the size of truck that you think you need and this is one of the truck rental options that you have. There are usually four or five different sizes that range from a small pickup truck all the way to a truck nearly the size of a tractor trailer. Each size will come with a different fee, and you will be expected to know how to drive the truck. For those who have never driven a large truck, the smaller choices are usually the best.

Choosing the Supplies

If you visit your local Uhaul, Budget, or other truck rental company, you will probably find a lot more than just trucks, you will find truck rental options. Many of these companies also offer self storage in the same building, and all of them offer packing and loading supplies. Boxes of all sizes and types will be set up around the building to show you an example of what they are used for and how large they are. Other supplies, such as furniture pads and hand trucks will be offered as well.

Keep in mind that loading the truck will be quite the task, so renting extra supplies like hand trucks can be a really good idea. Furniture pads can be used to preserve the finish on your furniture or protect it from damage as things shift in the truck. Straps and other supplies can be used to tack things down and keep them in place, so make sure that you get sufficient extras to make your move easy.

Choosing the Duration

Truck rentals can be reserved for a number of days. Its just another one of the many truck rental options out there. You can choose any length, from a single 24 hour period to an entire week. The timing is up to you. Just remember that you need to have enough time to load the truck, driving it to its destination, and then unload the truck again. Most people end up getting the truck rental for too short of a time and then stress about how they will get everything done. Err on the side of caution, and reserve the truck for longer than you expect in order for your move to be stress-free and easy!

No matter where you are moving, short or long distance, a truck rental can make your life simple with its many truck rental options. Just remember that there are still things that you have to choose, even if you are only moving down the street. Don’t forget the little things, because these things will make the difference between a hard move and an easy one.


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